Village May 2018 Minutes

May 9, 2018

Present: Maksimchuk’s, Seamon, P. Olk, Burns, Tate, Wolford, Gauthier L. Olk (7:03)

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m with the Pledge of Allegiance by Mayor Burns.

Motion by Seamon, support by Maksimchuk to accept the minutes, motion carried.

Motion by Maksimchuk, support by P. Olk to accept the Treasurer’s report, motion carried.

Public Comments: Dave Schnell requested for Water Shed Creek to close the street for a tent during car show. Motion by Maksimchuk, support by P. Olk to close Orchard Street to the Alley from Thursday before the car show through Sunday, motion carried.

Discussion also in regards to car wash and burned out property. Zoning Administrator will complete the Inventory on burned out property next week. Council wants this to be taken care of as soon as possible. Council wants Zoning Administrator to inspect the car wash and see if building is up to code, if not action is to be taken.

Pete Stewart was present representing DDA asking permission to remove stumps that are on the Village Right of Way. Also, DDA would like to develop the vacant lot on Main Street as a park area with pavilion. Clerk will check with Shiawassee Economic Development for possible grant opportunities. Would also like power run to the empty lot. Motion by Maksimchuk, support by L. Olk to install a pole at the NorthEast corner of vacant lot and restore electricity to the property, roll call vote, all yeas, motion carried.

Police, DPW reports are on file.

Motion by Wolford, support by L. Olk to hold a joint Special Meeting with the DDA to discuss communication and procedures between the Village and the DDA, Meeting will be May 30th, 7:00 p.m, roll call vote, all yeas, motion carried.

Commission reports, Police Commissioner, John Maksimchuk and Officer Bierlien met with school superintendent about joint agreement. School will get back with us after they learn more about their funding from state.

DPW supervisor gave report in regards to cracks on Main Street and Village parking lot.

Spicer has begun process of collecting data for design specs for Saw Grant project.

Motion by Maksimchuk, support by P. Olk to pay all the bills including Bob Delaney’s bill, roll call vote, all yeas, motion carried.

Declared meeting adjourned at 8:32 p.m.

Brad Birchmeier

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