Our History



New Lothrop is located in the very northeastern corner of Shiawassee County. This small agricultural community with its own elementary and high school is supported by small business and stores.

First there was Hazelton (better known as Ratville). In 1877, this little village on the Misteguay Creek consisted of a post office, two groceries, one hotel, blacksmith/wagon shop, and a stream saw and grist mill.

In the same year, two miles up the Misteguay, was a very small settlement called “Lathrop”. By 1879 consisted of two groceries/clothing stores, two harness shops, one shoe shop, three blacksmith shops, one wagon shop, the hotel, and a saw and grist mill. By 1800, Lathrop became New Lothrop.

The height of New Lothrop development was between 1900 and 1914. By now it was nearly two blocks long with wide, muddy streets lined with hitching rails. As yet few people had cars. On April 11, 1947 New Lothrop incorporated with the State of Michigan. We had our first elected Village Council.

In 1950 the first fire hall was built on Orchard Street. It also served as a garage for the police car and village owned equipment and was the local voting place. It also one time housed the public library and the volunteer ambulance service along with the village and township offices. Today the building houses the township offices. Currently, the village boasts a population of about 600. Besides the Village Council, the Village established a New Lothrop Development Authority. The Village Council and New Lothrop Development Authority continue to work together to encourage Village growth with “An Eye To The Future, With a Thought To The Past.”