Village January 2021 Minutes

January 13, 2021

Present: Maksimchuk’s, S. Birchmeier, Besaw, Seamon (via
telephone) Ustishen, L. Olk, Gauthier, Tate

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance
by Mayor John Maksimchuk. Motion by Besaw, support by L. Olk,
to accept the minutes, motion carried. Motion by Olk , support by
Besaw, to accept the Treasurer’s report, motion carried.
Public Comments, Holly Bishop presented council with a proposal
for a credit card system for water/sewer bills. Cost of proposed
system would cost the Village $105.00 per month. Holly will come
back next month to share more details. Council asked about a
trial period to see if system would be feasible.
Police, DPW and Zoning Reports are on file. New part time
Police officer, Brian Gipson has resigned due to personal

DPW Truck, there is a state program and a federal surplus
program where DPW personnel are looking for possible used
trucks. Interest from all three commissioners was discussed but
to keep looking for on line deals and to approach DDA for
possible funding. Ford does have a lease to own program that we
may look into.
Motion by L. Olk, support by Gauthier, to switch accounting from
AHP to Horner & Greer, discussion, Roll Call vote, all yeas,
motion carried.

Motion by Birchmeier, Support by Besaw to appoint Kayla
McCormick to DDA vacancy vacated by Brad Arthur, roll call vote,
all yeas, motion carried.
Discussed letter from Village of Clinton who is fighting the new
lead and copper rules.

Motion by Seamon, support L. Olk to have our next meeting be a
public hearing for Truth in Taxation hearing and budget hearing,
motion carried, Mayor Maksimchuk appointed Terry Tate and himself to work with the economic development committee to pursue grants for
possible funding for Hornets Nest.

Motion by L. Olk, support by Besaw, to pay all bills, roll call vote,
all yeas, motion carried.

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