Village February 2020 Minutes

February 12, 2020

Present: Maksimchuk’s, L. Olk, Tate, S. Birchmeier, Besaw, Seamon, Ustishen.

Absent: Gauthier

Meeting called to order at 7:00 by Mayor John Maksimchuk with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Motion by Seamon, support by Ustishen to accept the minutes, motion carried. Motion by Olk, support by Seamon to accept the Treasurer’s report, motion carried.

Open public hearing for Truth in Taxation at 7:01 p.m. Close public hearing at 7:02 p.m. Motion by Seamon, support by Besaw to set the mills at 11, discussion, roll call vote, all yeas, motion carried.

Open public hearing for budgets at 7:08 p.m., Close public hearing at 7:09

Public Comments: Resident, Bill Swain discussed options for the excessive speeding through the Village. Police Chief would have to conduct a traffic study. Council will take it into consideration.

Police, DPW and Zoning Reports are on file.

Motion by Olk, support by Birchmeier to amend our zoning ordinance to include the proposed junk paragraph as proposed by our Zoning administrator, discussion, Village Attorney will redefine the sections as Council wishes, Roll Call vote, all yeas, motion carried.

Water Bond Refinance explained by Village Treasurer, Terry Tate. Our bonding attorney recommended we consult a finance firm to determine if it is feasible for the Village. Conference call will be scheduled with bonding attorney.

Mayor will meet with Department Heads in regards to pay raise policy. Mayor Maksimchuk appointed Laura Olk Police Commissioner and Zach Besaw Sanitary Sewer Commissioner.

Motion by Birchmeier support by Olk to sell the piece of property that was
deeded to the Village by the State and to have it appraised, discussion, roll call vote 2 no votes, Seamon, Maksimchuk, rest yeas.

Motion by Birchmeier, support by Besaw to approve all the proposed budgets including the DDA budget which is contingent on their approving their budget, discussion, roll call vote, all yeas, motion carried.

Motion by Maksimchuk, support by Besaw to raise Special Meeting rate for Council members from $15 to $25 per meeting, discussion, roll call vote, 1 no vote Seamon, rest yeas, motion carried.

Commissioner reports
Discussed street project at August Meadows 2 & 3 and road stripping on Main Street.

Motion by Besaw, support by Ustishen to pay all the bills, roll call vote all yeas, motion carried.


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