Village August 2017 Minutes

August 9, 2017

Present: Maksimchuk’s, P. Olk, Burns, Tate, Seamon, L. Olk, Gauthier, Wolford.

Meeting called to order at 7:00 Mayor Burns with the Pledge of Allegiance. Motion by P. Olk support by L. Olk to accept the minutes, motion carried. Motion by Maksimchuk, support by P. Olk to accept the Treasurer’s Report, motion carried.

Kathryn Burkholder from Consumer’s Energy was present to have Clerk & Mayor sign Franchise agreement. Judge Matthew Stewart introduced himself and explained Circuit Court to council members.

DDA President, Dave Schnell was present and reported on a successful car show.

Motion by Burns, support by P. Olk to install a water hook up on the lot on main street (old Confer property), roll call vote, all yeas, motion carried.

Deb Collins was present to discuss property next door to her. Our Zoning Administrator/Enforcer will present at next council meeting to report. Discussed Generator noise, and Police Chief has already talked to him about noise Ordinance and times.

Adam Johnson was present to discuss receiving 2 water bills for his rental. Two uses for building , requires two bills. Water commissioner will get with CPA for some clarification. Village Attorney does not recommend changing our Ordinance.

Motion by P. Olk, support Gauthier to give Roger Hollenback a $1.00 per hour raise for DPW service, ($13 per hour) discussion, roll call vote, Wolford, no, rest yeas, motion carried.

Dennis Huntoon will be reimbursed by Sewer department.

Motion by Burns, support by P. Olk to give Bob Delaney $500 per month salary with no additional income from permit fees, discussion, roll call vote, Wolford no, Seamon no, rest yeas, motion carried.

Village Council regretfully accepted our long time Village Attorney’s retirement letter after serving the Village for 43 years.

Discussed Sewer findings from SAW grant, problem with main sewer line at a cost estimate of $835,000.

Recommendations to increase the sewer rates each year, first two at 50% and third year at 25%. Council discussed looking into other possibilities because our community cannot support that kind of an increase. Council also discussed doing a partial repair to fix areas that are bad at a cost of $290,000. Discussion also included charging customers by the percentage of water used. We have 226 homes to support this system.

Motion by Maksimchuk, support by P. Olk to pay all the bills, roll call vote, all yeas, motion carried.

Declared meeting adjourned at 9:47 p.m.

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