February DDA 2024 Minutes

February 15, 2024 – New Lothrop DDA Minutes 

Members present:  Dave Schnell, Taylor Copes, Cindy Kinsey, Kayla McCormic, Tammy Schiefer, Charles McCormic (Skip).     Absent: Pete Stewart, Mark Birchmeier, Zach Besaw                                             Meeting started at 6:45 PM

Pledge of Allegiance

  1. Taylor made a motion to approve the meeting minutes for January. Second by Skip. Unanimous, motion carried.
  2. Cindy made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s reports for January. Second by Tammy. Unanimous, motion carried.
  3. Special Guest & Comments:  Kirt Bierlein – Thanking the DDA for the funds to purchase the police vests. Stan Birchmeier – Asking the DDA for funds for the DPW upgrades. Skip made a motion to pay up to $3000 for DPW Barn upgrades needed. Second by Dave. Row call vote, unanimous, motion carried.  Dave will also look for a furnace for the DPW.
  4. Old Business:  Christmas decorations in town: Have used Hometown Decorations & Display (Hudsonville) and they want us to sign a contract for $3024. Looking at some other options and quotes. The flowers for downtown are ordered with same company used in the past. Not happy with them last year but will try the company one more time.
  5. New Business: Skip talked about the items from the village meeting. Safe routes to school project – State has some money that could possibly be used for the village with the proposed changed routes – Northwood to Main to Apartments.  
  6. Cindy made a motion to approve Invoices. Second by Taylor. Row call vote, unanimous, motion carried.
  7. Round Table:  Cindy spoke about doing the garage sales in town again this summer.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:29 pm

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