DDA July 2019 Minutes

July 19, 2019, Village Hall

Attendees for DDA:
Dave Schnell, Holly Bishop, Anita Stewart, Roy Moore, Mr. John Macksimchuck, Brad Arthur, Pete Stewart
Absent: Mark Birchmeier, Rob Ballard

Call to order at 6:29 pm
Pledge of Allegiance
Motion to approve June minutes, motion made by Roy seconded by Brad. Motion passed.
Motion to approve treasurer’s report, motion made by Anita to approve, seconded by Roy Moore. Motion passed.
Special Guest: Tammy from the State Bank has customer appreciation day tomorrow.

New Business:
Car Show: Filling the goody bags will go on Wednesday evening at 6:00 pm at Schnell’s Services. Anita Stewart mentioned that Denny from the Tavern was interested in having a tent for alcoholic beverages at the park. However, one needs a liquor license, state approval, town council, and police approval because it is on public property. Holly Bishop mentioned that the prizes for the games are on their way. Dave Schnell mentioned that we need to get hula hoops, etc. for the games.

Door prizes so far: 50$ gift card from Bankers Life and Casualty, 25$ Wal Mart gift card, six pizza gift certificates, oil changes. We need more door prizes.

Bill from the village for the seal coating company, McCurdy. We are paying the bill to the village. View Newspapers, Accountant, Fox 103.9 and Car Show services. Motion to pay invoices made by Holly Bishop, motion seconded by Pete. Roll call vote was unanimous to pay the invoices.

Talk of re-paving the new neighborhood (cul-de-sac). There is a water issue because drainage was not put in correctly. That problem has to be corrected before the road can be re done. Funding is the biggest thing. We have pursued a grant and got turned down for it. We found a man who will certify the income survey of the village. Mr. Macksimchuk also has a meeting with Justin Horvac regarding the village. We are looking into different financing options for the village to get the money to do the sewer project.

Latest on the park…the lumber is ready for the pavillion to get built. Dave has gotten a permit for the building. Dave is not sure when it will be done, however, he will know more at the next DDA meeting. The pavillion will be 20 by 24 ft. with concrete floor, stone around the beams and eventually the fire place done at another time. Dave will need to talk to the building inspector about having a fireplace.

Dave mentioned having Gracie handing out trophies for the place winners for the car show.

Roy Moore spoke about the car show, he will be broadcasting from the plane, California Girl.

Dave Schnell asked about having the fire department ready in case something should happen. Roy mentioned that they have never had any issues. Pete mentioned that on the day of the car show, we should have a 2019 DDA picture taken for the hall.

Motion to adjourn made at 7:18 pm

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