DDA July 2016 Minutes

Meeting called to order with the pledge of allegiance at 6:30 pm

Present: Ayres, Yaklin, Schnell, Ustishen, A. Stewart, P. Stewart, Birchmeier, Burns
Absent: Olk

P. Stewart motioned to accept the June minutes as presented with A. Stewart 2 nd the motion.

Ustishen motioned to accept the treasurer’s report as presented and Yaklin 2nd the motion.

Schnell motioned to pay the façade grant for Mark Birchmeier. Birchmeier 2nd the motion.

Roll call all yes. Ayres-y, Yaklin-y, Schnell-y, Ustishen-y, A.Stewart-y, P. Stewart-y, Birchmeier-y, Burns-y

Schnell motioned to pay all bills presented Ayres 2 nd the motion.

Roll call all yes, Ayres-y, Yaklin-y, Schnell-y, Ustishen-y, A. Stewart-y, P. Stewart-y, Birchmeier-y, Burns-y

Consumers $1231.53
Terry Tate postage $75.20 for fliers
R&D septic ports potties $540
MI pedal pullers $340
Joshua Lawrence photo booth $300
Wheelers jump house & dunk tanks $250
Ads plus signs $199.28
Shelly Tate $300
Pat Dolan $700
Gary Kelsey clowns $200
Schnells services $474.12 speakers

Brad Birchmeier

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