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Invitation to Bid

The Village of New Lothrop is accepting sealed bids for the following work: Pulverize existing asphalt roadway, reshape and blend with underlying subbase materials. Fine grade and compact the pulverized materials. Furnish MDOT 3C Hot Mix Leveling Course. Top Course MDOT LVSP Hot Mix. Approximate length 2500’x 22’, including 2 Cul-De-Saks. For more information, contact Al Ayres, DPW Superintendent at 810-638-5208 The Village of New…

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2020 August Meadows Construction Bid Security

 Bid Security: A bid must be accompanied by bid security made payable to the Village of New Lothrop in an amount of 5% of the bidders maximum bid price (determined by adding the base bid and all alternatives) and in the form of a certified check, bank money order, or a bid bond.  The bid security of the apparent successful bidder will be…

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2020 August Meadows Construction Bid Specs

 Reconstruct approximately 7,200 square yards of asphalt roadway pavement with 5” of final compacted depth of hot mix asphalt pavement  Install offset staking prior to reconstruction to ensure proper alignment  Machine pulverize existing asphalt pavement and blend with underlying subbase/subgrade materials  Machine mill transition joints at the reconstruction limits  Provide a tanker truck to water the pulverized materials during grading…

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