Village September 2021 Minutes

September 8, 2021

Present:  Seamon, Maksimchuk’s, Tate, Olk, Ustishen, Gauthier, Besaw

Absent:  Birchmeier

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Mayor John Maksimchuk with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Motion by Besaw, support Gauthier to accept the minutes, motion carried.  Motion by Seamon, support by Besaw to accept Treasurer’s report, motion carried.

Public Comments, JD Smith was present to discuss building options for Hornet’s Nest, and possible sale of building.

Police, Dpw and Zoning are on file.

Police Chief will check on cameras for Village Properties.

Huntoon property has a hump where sewer work was done and would like the Village to take hump out at our expense.  The Village split the bill with the property owner last time. Motion by Besaw, support by Olk to fix the lawn where sewer work was done, discussion roll call vote, 1 no vote, Seamon, rest yeas, motion carried.

EGLE would like to come out next week to discuss with council members water rates, if 4 or more attend, it must be posted as a Special meeting.

Police contract discussed, Village Attorney will draw up new contract.

Motion by John Maksimchuk, support by Ustishen to accept the contract with the school with the proposed changes agreed upon, discussion, roll call vote, all yeas, motion carried.

Discussion regarding bulk water charges.

Proposal from Dave Schnell asking council to consider paying for the repavement of easement adjoining his property.  After Council discussion, consensus was not feasible for the Village.

Motion by Besaw, support by Gauthier to pay all the bills, motion carried.

Declare meeting adjoined at 8:04 p.m.

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