DDA July 2022 Minutes

July 21, 2022 DDA minutes New Lothrop

All members present: Mark Birchmeier (acting president), John Macksimchuck, Cindi Kinsey, Dave Schnell, Kayla McCormic, Holly Bishop. Meeting started at 6:30 pm

  1. Mark made a motion to approve June’s minutes. Dave seconded it. Motion passed
  2. No treasurer’s report this week as Anita and Pete Stewart are gone on vacation.
  3. Special Guest: NL police chief spoke with us regarding citations, as the State of Michigan is requiring new citations. The department would like to go electronic rather than do paper tickets. Dave commented that it would be possible to pay for these out of downtown beautification. Holly made to pay 3200$ out of beautification to cover these expenses. Kayla seconded the motion. Roll call vote was unanimous. Chief also told us about Alex Garcia getting recognition through M.A.D.D. for an important traffic stop. 
  4. Dave said cones and barricades are here. If anyone needs them, to stop over to see him. VFW would like to put a flag up at the park. The board already approved it but would like the DDA to approve where they will put it. Dave made a motion that we allow, Cindy seconded the motion. Roll call vote, unanimous passed. 
  5. Dave spoke about the DPW building and that it will be blue and passed a picture of what it will look like after it is re-done. 
  6. Kayla brought up possibility of a car show again. Cindy brought up Holly Jolly Eve on the first Friday in December. Dave said the flowers around town are doing well. Mark spoke about the arch in town. Cindy commented about the movies in the park. John made a motion for Cindy to be able to spend up to 200$ for whatever is needed. Mark seconded it. Roll call vote, unanimous and passed. Mark made a motion to give Cindy up to 400$ out of downtown promotion for a projector. Dave seconded it. Roll call vote, unanimous and passed. 
  7. Meeting adjourned at 7:25 pm

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