DDA October 2016 Minutes

October 20, 2016

Present: Ayres, Yaklin, Schnell, P. Stewart, Olk, Birchmeier, Burns

Absent: Ustishen, A.Stewart

Meeting called to order at 6:30 pm with the pledge of allegiance.

P. Stewart motioned to accept to treasures report as presented 2nd by Birchmeier.

Discussion of the slander coming from the car show issues with the Raleigh’s. Attorney suggested a letter to the editor in newspaper stating all decisions were made by the board.

Discussion of the possible sale of the park currently owned by the DDA.

Must have survey & appraisal. Olk motioned to pay for appraisal on park land & 2nd by Birchmeier.

Roll call-all all yes. Ayres-y, Yaklin-y, Schnell-y, P.Stewart-y, Birchmeier-y, Olk-y, Burns-y

Motion by P. Stewart to post intention of sale of vacant land held by DDA on south side of town- Maple St by Nov 17 2016. 2nd by Yaklin.

Candlewalk December 15, 2016. Candlewalk committee Schnell, Yaklin, Olk.

Schnell motioned to pay bills as presented. Olk 2nd. Roll call-all as all yes.

Ayres-y, Yaklin-y, Schnell-y, P. Stewart-y, Birchmeier-y, Olk-y, Burns-y

Meeting adjourned at 7:34 pm

Brad Birchmeier

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