DDA June 2022 Minutes

  1. Call to order 6: 33pm
  2. Members in attendance: Holly Bishop, Pete Stewart, Anita Stewart,  Dave Schnell, Kayla McCormick,  John Macksimchuk, Mark Birchmeier, Cindy Kinsey, Tammy Scheifer
  3. Motion to approve May’s minutes was made by Dave, seconded by Kayla. Motion carried. Motion to approve budget roll call vote. 
  4. Special Guest: K. Bierlein came to DDA regarding contract amount. He is asking for an addition 4K for the police department and is also split with the school. Cindy made the motion to increase the police budget to 18K. Tammy seconded it. Roll call vote, unanimous. Pete pointed out that we need to amend our budget now, Kayla made a motion for it. Anita seconded it. It was decided that we can take it out of fund balance
  5. Stan Birchmeier is here to get the colors for the DPW barn. Kayla and Tammy volunteered to be reps from DDA regarding barn color. He also said that we are getting a quote on roof, doors, etc. of the DPW barn.
  6. Old business, we talked about moving meetings to Wednesdays, but John wasn’t sure that it would be a good idea because meeting times might coincide
  7. Pete made a motion to spend up to 2,000$ to help for Cruise-In costs for June and July. Kayla seconded the motion. Holly will get a price for speakers and installation.Roll call vote, unanimous.  
  8. Dave said that the barricades are on their way. 
  9. New Business: Dave asked about what to do in Confer park if kids are standing on the tables, etc. Officer Bierlein stated that we can call the police for help if they refuse to get down off the tables. 
  10. Invoices to pay: Consumers bill for $1380.17, computer $31.38, porta john from R&D 85$, flowers for downtown 3847.00$ Mark made a motion to pay the bills. Pete seconded the motion. Motion passed. 
  11. Round table discussion-Mark talked about how we need to look for projects to beautify the town. Kayla mentioned that the high school shop teacher will build these boxes. Pete and Anita will be gone for the next meeting so Mark will be acting president. Anita announced that in November, she will be resigning as treasurer. 
  12. Meeting adjourned at 7:48 pm. Tonight.

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