DDA June 2018 Minutes

June 21, 2018

Present: M. Birchmeier, Lahmann, Schnell, Ustishen, A. Stewart, Burns
Absent: P. Stewart, Yaklin, S. Birchmeier

Meeting called to order at 6:31 pm with the pledge of allegiance.

Ustishen motioned to accept the May 2018 minutes as presented, M. Birchmeier 2nd.

A.Stewart motioned to accept the treasurer’s report as presented, Schnell 2nd.

Schnell motioned to pay the bills presented, Lahmann 2nd.

Roll call- all yes

Bills- view newspaper- car show $110.00
Jim Lahmann- postage & mileage car show $95.68
Consumers- $1521.41

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