DDA July 2021 Minutes

DDA Meeting for July 15, 2021

Call to order 6:33, pledge of allegiance

Meeting was in the township hall, all in attendance, Pete Stewart, Anita Stewart, Diane Lahman, Roy Moore, Mark Birchmeier (acting president tonight because Pete was late), Holly Bishop, Kayla McCormic

 Anita made a motion to accept the minutes from last month. Kayla seconded the motion. Roll call motion unanimous in accepting the minutes. Motion carried

Treasurers report, the motion made to accept the report was made by Holly, seconded by Diane . No discussion needed motion carried.

Special Guest: Tom Wendling from Adaptive Technology Solutions was here to announce IT support and security. Tom gave a quote for a new computer for Anita and spoke about strengthening our security and ability to share across networks from the DDA to the village. Vote for Anita’s computer for roughly 1,000$. Motion made by Mark and Pete seconded the motion. Roll call vote, unanimous and motion carries.

Anita also needs quick books for the computer, which would be 400$. Pete made a motion to go through with this. Mark seconded it. Pete amended the motion to spend up to 500$ in case there is tax. Mark seconded it. Roll call vote, vote was unanimous.

Old Business: Dunkley project, we are waiting for the village to dig up the sewer hole so we can do it properly.

Sign project: Pete had a preliminary sketch for the businesses in downtown New Lothrop. There was talk of the businesses that would like to be included having to pay for a spot on the sign. We are currently waiting for different quotes from sign companies. (Signs by Cranny)

Candle Walk…Anita is going to talk to Cindy Kinzy and Sharon Birchmeier about organizing it.

Car Show…we are going to see how the Cruise In goes and springboard off of that for next year.

Movies in the park…Mark has a projector and we can use the wall of Hornet’s Nest. We could pay someone to do this and the State Bank can make popcorn. Pete found a company that could rent out equipment for this.

New Business: Mark mentioned attendance so that we can make sure we have enough people in attendance for the meetings. Ideas for beautification: big sign like Birch Run has through town, maybe a walking path through town for people, street lights that go all the way down to the high school, Anita had an idea to have a tree lined street. Mark will talk to Birch Run regarding their sign. Kayla is going to get a hold of someone regarding the walking path.

Invoices from Anita: Two Consumer’s bills for roughly 60$ all together. Anita made a motion to pay the bills. Roy seconded the motion. Roll Call vote, it unanimously passed.

Meeting adjourned at 7:44p.m.

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