DDA January 2021 Minutes

DDA Meeting Minutes for January 2021

  1. Call to order 6: 35 pm
  2. Members in attendance: Holly Bishop, Diane Lahmann (via zoom) Pete and Anita Stewart, Mark Birchmier, John Macksimchuck and Kayla McCormic.
  3. No minutes from last month were shared, but will be shared next month along with this month’s minutes.
  4. John made the motion to accept the treasurer’s report, Holly Bishop seconded the motion. No discussion with the report, motion passed.
  5. Special guest Merrick Matthews visited for sports boosters and Oddessey of the Mind. He said that our signs need updating with new championship wins. It was pointed out that this can be done as part of beautification and that we would have to look into that. Contact information was given to respond back next month.

Old Business:

  1. Dunkley/Schnell sidewalk to be fixed…it was pointed out that there are more sidewalks that need to be repaired, also and even some that might be in worse shape than that particular sidewalk. We may need to get a grant to fix this issue but will need to be brought to the town board and have permission to do that.
  2. Storm drain will need to be fixed, also. John spoke about how we would need to get Al from DPW involved and that the council has discussed this issue.
  3. Budget discussion changed from 25,000$ to 69,500$ to help downtown promotions, water tower, property acquisition (to buy the police car), sidewalk. We are moving the money from the water tower to downtown beautification and promotion. We are also moving money from the water tower budget to the sidewalks and streets. We are going to leave the budget for car show. Pete made a motion to submit the budget for town council. Diane seconded the motion. Roll call vote, vote was unanimous. Motion passed.

New business agenda…flowers for the basket on the street. Anita suggests that we do the same thing we do last year. Pete made a motion to put 3,000 $ toward flowers, Mark seconded the motion. Roll call vote, votes were unanimous. Motion was passed.

  • Welcome to Kayla McCormick to the DDA!
  • Budget consumers bill for street lights 1,410.82$. Brad Birchmier on half the year, 931$ for the website. Pete made a motion to pay all bills. Anita seconded it. No discussion, roll call vote, Vote was unanimous.
  • Joe Hart wanted to tell the DDA. He spoke about how he wants to put apartments in the Hornet’s Nest building. He asked for two people to be able to join a board to help him with the grants, etc. He needs two people from the village council, the township, and the DDA. Anita and Mark said they would volunteer for it. 
  • Meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

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