DDA January 2016 Minutes


Present: Ayres, Schnell, Ustishen, A. Stewart, Birchmeier
Absent: Yaklin, Olk, P. Stewart, Burns

Meeting called to order at 6:55 pm.

Ustishen motioned to accept November minutes as presented, A. Stewart 2nd the motion.

A. Stewart motioned to accept the treasurer’s report as presented, Schnell 2nd the motion.

Birchmeier motioned to allow up to $700 for speakers & wire for car show, Ayres 2nd the motion.

Roll call-all yes Ayres-y, Schnell-y, Ustishen-y, A.Stewart-y, Birchmeier-y

Bills to be paid:
Peddle pullers $110
Consumers Nov $1356.50
Consumers Dec $1205.48
AHP $3600

Schnell motioned to pay bills as presented, A. Stewart 2nd the motion.
Roll call all yes.
Ayers-y, Schnell-y, Ustishen-y, A. Stewart-y, Birchmeier-y

Meeting adjourned at 7:42 pm.

Brad Birchmeier

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