DDA February 2022 Minutes

DDA Minutes for February 17, 2022

Call to order at 6:32 pm. All in attendance: Anita Stewart, Kayla McCormic, Holly Bishop, Cindy Kinsie, Mark Birchmeier , Tammy and Dave Schnell. Absent was Pete Stewart, and Mark acted as president in his place. 

  1. Motion made by Dave to accept minutes. Anita seconded. Vote was unanimous
  2. Treasurer’s report, motion made by Dave to accept it, Kayla seconded it. 
  3. Mark had a question regarding expenditures and if we are spending what we need. 
  4. Stan Birchmeier was the special guest. He is water and park commissioner. He spoke about water issues with billing, etc. 
  5. Old Business:This year is New Lothrop’s 75th anniversary. He mentioned the signs at both ends of town would be nice to have. However, we need village council permission for this. We are lacking representation at our meetings of the village council so information doesn’t get communicated from DDA meetings to the village council.  Holly mentioned that memorabilia was brought by John Macksimchuck to an earlier meeting and that Hometown Graphics, NL can do some giveaways for this. 
  6. Village flowers, we discussed that Anita’s budget was increased this year for flowers to 4,000$ and that Schnell’s would be watering them. 
  7. No new grant updates as we are waiting on new forms.
  8. Invoices were for Consumers, Water Filtration and Truck payment. Holly made a motion to pay these, Kayla seconded. Vote was unanimous. 
  9. New business, Anita states that Quick Books is okay now that her computer is fixed.
  10. Round table discussion: Holly wants to check into prices for a band or DJ to play every Friday night cruise-in in the summer. This will attract people and build revenue for town. Also, Holly will bring price lists of memorabilia that Hometown Graphics can make to giveaway during our 75th event, which she would also like to tie into the first Cruise-In. Additionally, she would like to get a plaque made to commemorate Confer park with historical information on it. Anita wants to look at allocating more money to the Holly Jolly Eve event and putting a fireplace in Confer park. Mark mentioned putting additional street lights and that Consumers agreed to do them, should we go ahead with the installation of these.Also that the DPW would benefit from having something done to the facade of their building. Cindy would like to see more things done in Confer park like having a movie for Easter. 
  11. Meeting adjourned at 7:42 p.m.

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