DDA December 2020 Minutes

DDA Meeting for December 17, 2020

Call to order 6:42, pledge of allegiance

Meeting was over Zoom, all in attendance, Pete Stewart, Anita Stewart, Diane Lahman, Mark Birchmeier, Holly Bishop, John Macksimchuck, Roy Moore

Anita made a motion to accept the minutes from last month. Mark seconded the motion. Roll call motion unanimous in accepting the minutes. Motion carried

Treasurers report, motion made to accept the report was made by John, seconded by Roy. Roll call motion unanimous in accepting the report, motion carried.

Special Guest: Joe Hart spoke to us regarding either shutting or having another go at the restaurant. Possibly by making apartments and indoor storage. He will need the DDA and village approval to do this. There might be grants available to help him with this and possibly help with the cost of the restaurant. It would add value to the building and town.

Joe would like to know what we can help with. Matt McKone suggested that Justin (his contact for grants) contact him to get to what to do regarding this.

Old Business: working on the sidewalk in front of Larry Schnells and Ken Dunkley’s. Mark Birchmeier said that the village council spoke about it. Ken wants his ashphalt and grass, Larry wants his black top and fixed. However, there is a sewer problem that has to be fixed. Fixing the sewer might be around 7,000$. John said that we can get a plan together and get it to him for however much asphalt we need, etc. and get it to him.

Loans for small businesses-Matt looked into it. The TIF plan does allow for us to loan with low interest to businesses for up to 20K. However, it would involve us to budget for it, and also for improvements to property. It would have to be allocated correctly and also an amendment to our budget to the DDA.

Meeting was paused momentarily to start another Zoom meeting so we wouldn’t get cut off.

7:18 meeting resumed. Mark talked about getting a monthly, full page ad where the DDA would pay for it, and possibly getting 100$ from each business. Lorraine said that she got with her general manager and got some quotes for this. Lorraine mentioned to add in a grid each month of monthly happenings with the businesses. Holly and Diane will help out with the layout of it and getting pictures to Lorraine. The full page ad would be 6,000$ a year. Mark will make a motion to fund an ad to advertise for the businesses, 500$ a month, Anita seconded the motion. This would come from the downtown promotion budget. We could hash tag our ad onto the facebook page. Roy had an idea of maybe making a video with each business every now and then and have him be the voice for the video. Roll call vote, everyone unanimously voted yes on the DDA, motion carries.

Mark has an idea to put a television in the New Lothrop townhall to help with zoom meetings, etc. Everyone agrees that this is a good idea. Matt suggested that we appoint a person to look into prices for televisions for this. Mark will follow up with that and can discuss with Matt and then bring the information to the meeting next month.

Next order of business: We need more Christmas lights for next year and Anita needs a mouse, keyboard, and hanging files. Pete made a motion to spend up to 300$ on new Christmas lights. Mark seconded the motion. Roll call vote, Motion passed.

Pete made a motion to spend up to 300$ for Anita to spend on office supplies, Roy seconded the motion. Roll call vote, unanimously passed.

Invoices to pay: Village consumers $1502.17, School security $16K, DDA computer bill $21.66, DDA computer 21.67$, Consumers $1556.75, web agreement for web site, 897.50$, Schnell’s services, materials used for park 347.56$. Mark made a motion to pay all bills. Pete seconded the motion, vote was unanimous, bills will be paid.

John announced that we will have a blood drive in village parking lot dec. 21, 2020. Also, that the car wash has been sold in New Lothrop. Joe Gross bought it. He will tear it down and put up a pole barn with an office.

Pete announced that Brad Arthur had to resign from the DDA due to his work schedule. Village council will decide.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m.

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