DDA April 2023 Minutes

April 20, 2023 – DDA Minutes New Lothrop

Members present: Pete Stewart, Anita Stewart, Dave Schnell, Cindy Kinsey, Kayla McCormic, Tammy Schiefer, Mark Birchmeier, Zach Besaw, Charles (Skip) McCormic    Absent: None                                       

Meeting started at 6:47 pm 

  1. Zach made a motion to approve the meeting minutes for March. Second by Anita. Row call vote, unanimous, motion carried.  
  2. Zach made a motion to approve the treasurer’s reports for March. Second by Dave. Row call vote, unanimous, motion carried.
  3. Special Guest & Comments:  None 
  4. Old Business: Request for the Ordinances will not be out on the website. Cost too much to keep up with the changes. Cindy spoke with Lorraine regarding the bill for newspaper. We will be paying annually instead of monthly. Checking with Roy on the bill from 103.5. Comparing costs for the Christmas decoration in town.  Updated Business List for the Village of New Lothrop. Revitalization Grants: None  
  5. New Business: Gross Construction completed 51 slabs of sidewalk in the village. Kirk Newman motorcycle was donated to the Village. Garage sales will be the weekend of May 18th – 20th, which is opened to all the New Lothrop area with a town map, and list of all the people having the garage sales. Businesses may be offering a special at their business during this weekend. Schnell’s will be watering the plants in town for the summer. Jerry Burns will mention the Post Commander of VFW on June 10th at Confer Park. Rustic Meadows to put up a new sign and take down the old sign. New Lothrop Cruise-Ins will be scheduled for the first Friday of each month starting May through August. Tammy suggested to open some Certificates of Deposit to earn some interest on the money until needing the funds.
  6. Kayla made a motion to open $150,000 in new Certificates of Deposit at The State Bank, with same signers as the other accounts. Second by Anita. Row call vote. Unanimous, motion carried. 
  7. Pete made a motion to approve all Invoices. Second by Zach. Row call vote, unanimous, motion carried.
  8. Round Table: DDA request to put up some small trees in Confer Park. Planters in town and have school make them. 

Meeting adjourned at 7:36 pm

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