DDA June 2023 Minutes

June 15, 2023 – DDA Minutes New Lothrop

Members present: Pete Stewart, Anita Stewart, Dave Schnell, Cindy Kinsey, Tammy Schiefer, Zach Besaw, Charles (Skip) McCormic    Absent: Kayla McCormic, Mark Birchmeier                                         Meeting started at 6:50 pm 

  1. Zach made a motion to approve the meeting minutes for May. Second by Anita. Row call vote, unanimous, motion carried.  
  2. No Treasures Report. The treasurer was absent from the meeting.
  3. Special Guest & Comments:  Nichole Hasseld, from Rustic Meadows Banquet Hall, asked about having movies on the business property, and would she need copyright for the movies.  Nicole had some great ideas that she would like to do in the future. She would like to set up carnival at her business site or have comedy club Night.  Brought her business revitalization form to meeting; Mark was absent, will review at next meeting.
  4. Old Business:  Received paperwork needed from Jody for the revitalization form. Cindy made a motion to discontinue the Tri County Citizen ad in the paper at this time, pay the balance due. Second by Anita. Row call vote, Cindy-yes, Dave-yes, Zach-yes, Anita-yes, Cindy-yes, Tammy-yes, Pete-no. Majority, motion carried.  
  5. New Business:  Bill submitted for flowers, 30 plants. Due to treasurer absent. No invoices available. Pay next month. S Skip talked about updates from the village meeting. Discussed the contract with the schools and police, which may go up and may need to ask for additional funds. Anthony Berthiaume is leaving New Lothrop Schools and looking for a new superintendent to replace him. The fountain in the park is not working, plan to remove it. More details to go ahead with the plague for the Confer Park, honoring Grace & Huey Yott with history of the Confer family.  Branches down, wait until fall to remove. Al working on lagoon, application-DPW, Andy Hobson gets test results.                                             Meeting adjourned at 7:28 pm

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