DDA August 2021 Minutes

New Lothrop, MI DDA Minutes for March 2021

  1. Call to order 6: 35 pm
  2. Members in attendance: Holly Bishop, Diane Lahmann, Pete and Anita Stewart, Mark Birchmier, John Macksimchuck. Absent: Kayla McCormick
  3. Motion to approve February’s minutes was made by Diane, seconded by Anita. Motion carried.
  4. Date on treasurer’s February report was incorrect, but information is correct. Motion made by John to accept the report. Seconded by Holly. Motion carried.
  5. No special guests or comments.
  6. Old Business: Sign out at M-13. Pete knows someone at Cranny signs located in Flint and they can get a permit, build it, and install it.
  7. Village newspaper ads are being taken care of by Diane and Holly. We spoke about gifting something to Mary Andres for being the photographer for us with the articles. Two gift cards for 25$ were the idea that passed. Roll call vote, unanimously passed.
  8. New business: Holly had a question about the school sign and possibly updating it. However, it is paid for by fundraising, etc.
  9. Invoices to pay: Consumers bill for 1,615.71$ Holly made a motion to pay the bills. Anita seconded it.
  10. John spoke about a new truck for the village but not at length due to not having a full board. April 11, 2022, our village will be 75 years old. We were incorporated in 1947. Two members off the board were requested by the village council to help celebrate it. Idea is to possibly use the park and have a little celebration.
  11. New police chief is Kirk Beirlein for New Lothrop. He was sworn in last month
  12. Meeting adjourned at 6:55 pm. Tonight.

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